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  Shorts Middle Long
Men Overall

Men M20

(1990 - 2001)

Men M30

(1980 - 1989)

Men M40

(1970 - 1979)

Men M50

(1960 - 1969)

Men M60 +

(1959 and older)

Women Overall

Women W20

(1990 - 2001)

Women W30

(1980 - 1989)

Women W40

(1970 - 1979)

Women W50 +

(1969 und älter)

Juniors Boys

(1999 - 2004)


Juniors Girls

(1999 - 2004)



Parental Permission

For minors, we require your written permission from parents. The form is available for download here and must be filled out and signed at the start number issue.



Each competitor will receive the following benefits:

  • A starting number
  • Time tracking
  • Aid stations supplies during and after the race
  • Pasta Party after the Race
  • Finisher gift


Copulsary Equipment

No compulsory equipment is required from the race committee. The participants decide for themselves what they take with them for the race. However, it is strongly recommended that you study the weather report in order to meet the meteorological conditions. The weather report will be published the evening before the race. In addition, you should have mobile phone, long-sleeved shirt and rescue blanket.


Poles are accepted on all courses.


Company Ranking

Participate as a company with your employees and act as a company team. If you participate with at least four starters, you will be ranked in a separate company ranking list. As a group, you will also receive a discount on the team registration.

Further information and registration as a group at